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As the fermentation base of Beijing Multigrass, Baicao Biotech’s development benefits from its core driving force—constantly improving R&D ability. Continuously Investment into the product quality, development and registration that serve the needs of our customers around the world is  central to our corporate mission.


Baicao Biotech has a group of professional talents in the areas of biological pesticides, biological veterinary medicine, and crop protection, as well as stringent laboratory, greenhouses, and field researches that provide guarantee for the company’s ISO certification, development and product application. The company is committed to provide best products and services to our customers both at home and abroad.


Inspired by the constantly emerging ideas from this “mass innovation”era, and guided by strict and scientific methodologies, Baicao Biotech will continuously develop in the fields of biological pesticides and biological veterinary medicine. We’ll, as always, devote ourselves in developing advanced biological products that are beneficial to both human beings and nature.


Baicao Biotech’ s R&D organization covers the following professional teams:
1. Microbiolog & fermentation team
2. Formulation science and application technologies team
3. Product development team
4. Quality control team

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