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Pyrethrin(Ⅰ+Ⅱ) 0.1% SF

  • Add Time: 17-07-19 14:26
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  • Dosage form: SF
  • The toxicity:Low toxicity
  • Active ingredient concentration:0.1%

Active ingredient concentration: 0.1%    Dosage form: SF     Low toxicity
Product Performance (usage:
This product is used in hotels, restaurants and homes to control mosquitoes and flies.

Application method:   

Application scope Target insects Dosage Application method
Hotels, restaurants and homes Mosquitoes / Spray
Hotels, restaurants and homes Flies / Spray
Rotate the spray nozzle by 90 degrees, then spray the mosquitoes and flies or room corners,screens and the shadows directly.
Leave the room after application with doors and windows closed for 30 minutes.
Ventilate the room before your re-entrance.

Product features:
1. Derived from natural pyrethrins with the virtues of environmental protection, safety, low toxicity and high efficacy.
2. Quick effect. A few minutes after the application, the insects will show the symptoms of superexitation and paralysis, and die soon.

1. This product is poisonous to fish and silkworms;
Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid touching this product.

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