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Abamectin TC

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  • Dosage form: TC
  • The toxicity:High toxicity
  • Active ingredient concentration:94%

Active ingredient concentration: 94%    Dosage form: TC     High toxicity 

Product Performance (usage):
Abamectin is a macrolide disaccharide, which is separated from the soil microorganis with the function of stomach poisoning and contact poisoning. It can interfere the nerve centre of insects, and inhibit the neuronal activities.

1.Please wear protective suit, gloves and respirator in operation.
2.Please do not eat or drink during the operation,and wash hands and face after working;
3.Please dispose the waste properly and avoid pollution in operation;
4.Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid touching this product;
5.This product is poisonous to fish, bees and silkworms.

Poisoning & First aid:
Poisoning symptoms: pupil dilation, behavioural disorders and muscle tremors at early stage,and accompanied with vomiting when it is serious.
1.Contact with eyes/skin: Flush for at least 15 minutes with clean water;
2.Transfer to open space and seek medical advice immediately if eat or inhale by mistake.

Storage & Transportation :
1.Please store in cool, well-ventilated and dry place in seal;
2.Please keep it out of children’s touch;
3.Please do not store and transport together with food, drink, feed, seeds, fertilizers and daily necessities.

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