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Oligosaccharins 3% AS

  • Add Time: 17-07-20 16:41
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  • Dosage form: AS
  • The toxicity:Low toxicity
  • Active ingredient concentration:3%

Active ingredient concentration: 3%    Dosage form: AS     Low toxicity

Product Description:
Extracted from shell of shrimp and crab, it is a new bio-fungicide. It can stimulate the synthesis and activation of chitinase and bacteriophage in the cell of plants. It can resist fungi, virus and bacteria.
1. Improve the resistance ability of crops;
2. Speed the photosynthesis;
3. Improve the ability of the anti-chilly, anti-drought and anti-high temperature ability;
4. Strengthen the resistance of the membrane to photogenic;
5. Enhance the yield of crops, improve the content of chlorophyll.

Application Method:

Crops Disease Time of application Dilution Method
Downy Mildew
Fusarium Wilt 
Verticillium Wilt
Ring Spot
Angular leaf spot
Soft rot
Root-knot nematode
Before colonization, Before or during the incidence period, 7-10 days before colonization, or the early stage 600-800 Foliar spray
600 Seed Soaking
Before colonization 600 Root Dipping
After seedling 600 Root irrigating


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