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Spinosad TC

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  • Dosage form: TC
  • The toxicity:Micro toxicity
  • Active ingredient concentration:90%

Active ingredient concentration: 90%     Dosage form: TC    Micro toxicity 


Product Performance (usage)

This product is a biological pesticide which is derived from the metabolites of actinomycetes. Function: Contact poison firstly and stomach poison secondly.It can also paralyze the nerve centre of insects.  


1.Please wear protective suit, glove and respirator in operation;
2.please wash hands and face after working;
3.In case of fire, please use carbon dioxide, foam or water.
4.Please avoid pollution in operation;
5.Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid touching this product.

Poisoning & First aid

1.Contact with eyes: Flush your eyes for 15-20 minutes with clean water; If wearing contact lens, flush 5 minutes first,then remove the contact lens and continuously wash another 10-15 minutes;
2.Contact with skin: Immediately flush skin with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes;
3.Seek medical advice immediately if eat by mistake. 

Storage & Transportation 

1.Please store in cool, well-ventilated and dry place in seal;
2.Please keep it out of children’s touch;
3.Please do not store and transport together with food, drink, feed, seeds, fertilizers and daily necessities.

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